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Kashmir heaven on earth is a many faced diamond, changing character with the
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Tsomoriri Lake

Tsomoriri or "Mountain Lake" is situated in the middle of the elevated valley of Rupshu surrounded by 6000 m peaks which completely surrounds the lake. This valley is inhabited by a small scattered population of "Changpas" nomadic shepherds who also engage in trade and work in caravans in Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti. The Area is rich in wildlife including the "Kyang" (wild ass), red fox and the rare, highly endangered, snow leopard. Black necked cranes and geese flock to the lakeside for breeding during the summer months. It also houses 350 years old Karzok monastery which has about 33 resident monks.

Also Known as 'Mountain Lake', Tso Moriri is located in the Rupshu valley situated in Changthang sub division of leh district, The Lake is about 28 km in length from north to south and is about 4-6 km in breadth and about 100 feet average in depth. Maximum depth of Tso Moriri Lake is 248 feet. It's surrounded by barren hills with backdrop of snow-covered mountains. A Short range of snow covered mountains, which rise about 21000 feet, extends some distance to the north-west and terminates somewhat to north of the southern end of Tso moriri.

Tso Moriri is a very fine sheet of salty water. It is situated at north latitude 32 54 and east longitude 78 18 and at a height of 15000 feet above the sea level. Tso Moriri Lake has no outlet and the waters are consequently brackish, although not very perceptible to the taste. The water is crystal clear and of a deep blue color.

Tso Moriri Lake was once a popular source of salt. Till 1960 Changpa traders were extracting salt from Tso moriri and sold the same in Leh market. Before 1994, Tso Moriri Lake and southeast ladakh was not open for tourists due to ‘inner line ‘restrictions. Changpas of korzok, the only village on the shore of Tso Moriri were living without much contact with others, following their nomadic life-style and facing severe winters.

Tso Moriri is not just a spectacular site but a good place to relax. You can visit the nearby gompas and walk around the lake area. On the way from leh to Tso moriri is another brackish lake,the smaller Tso kar or "white lake".

The small collect of huts on the shore of Tso Moriri is called Korzok village. Here you must register and show your permit. You can pitch your tent here. There are no restrictions in camping. Tso Moriri is an area for nomadic people, known as Changpas, who can often be seen taking advantage of the summer and moving herds of goats, cows and yaks from one grazing spot to another. Changpas live in large, movable family tents or in solid winter proof brick huts.


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